Monday, November 1, 2010


To be fair, its mustaches AND beards...but come on, this one is just TOO EASY

What is it about making out with sandpaper that hip ladies are so attracted to?
Does it look manly?-because when it comes to manly, hipsters are definitely on the bottom of the list. If you want manly, you should be checking out the southern cowboys and army men, not someone who lives in a mostly gay community that rides around on a fixed gear wearing girl-tight pants.
But anyways, If you are around the west village area in NYC than you may have stumbled across the gem that is the artwork being displayed at the chelsea market. Check it out below, or just by walking through the market hallway
Chelsea Market Beard Display

I'd also like to credit 

for making a collection of stupid mustaches exponentially more tangible.

last time i checked women with beards and mustaches looked something like this
bearded lady, hipster mustaches, hipster beard, lady hipster
but now,thanks to hipsters, a once "circus freak" can be accepted into the hippest clubs.

and now, a mustache montage.

your welcome.


  1. I think mustaches often make a guy look like some sort of a pedophile. Beards on the other hand I like.