Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Apple Products

We all know by this point that you are probably a middle class white kid even though you pretend not to be. But you also want to be so cool that everyone around notices you and wants to be your friend- cuz your soo cool. You need something that says, look how high-tech and in-the-know i am. This my friend is where apple comes into play.

Hipster iphone

Yeah sure you can rationalize it all you want, "oh i like it because its better for running all these artsy programs i need". But you know that more than half of the appeal of the products is just the clean, white color that suggests that you paid out the ass for it.
Look at all the kids who work at apple stores. they have the thick rimmed glasses and tight pants.
so raise your iphones, macbooks, and ipads high, because lets face it- you love to show it off.