Monday, November 8, 2010

Art Shit

 bad photography, hipster art
You go to art school, so you already know. - Hipsters love art shit.
They think they're really talented at whatever, OR they sometimes pretend like their all modest, but thats the hipster attitude of "idontgiveafuck" (which is something completely different and will follow up with a post soon.) But deep down, they think they are the next fucking Dylan, Warhol, Etc.
Usually these kids are swarming more towards the music scene, you know the, play guitar all night long in the quad so everyone can hear how good i am, type.
There's also the writers/poets, (shit they don't even have to rhyme anymore, just need a thesaurus and some bright eyes lyrics)
OH and one of MY favorites , grafitti. Thanks so much for writing something completely illedgible on the side of this brick, i am truely inspired by your work.

However, more recently,(much to my dismay) there has been a huge spike in idiots who think they are good at photography. Andd good new for you aspiring hipsters who havent picked your "art" of choice yet, it has become a piece-of-cake to be "good at photography" you simply need A)The newest model of bottom-of-the-line Digital Single Reflex Camera (the 1 w/ the SuPer co0l big l3nse$ && junk!!) B) your macbook C)Picnik or some equally crappy photo editing program. TADA!!! you are an artist.

So you edit in that "Polaroid" boarder to your photo and turn up the contrast!
A job well done.

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  1. Granted, I don't think poetry has ever had to rhyme and I don't think that's a fairly new thing haha