Wednesday, November 10, 2010

American Apparel

Why is it that american apparel is popular. Selling simple clothing isn't anything new. This store definitely started off by selling simple clothes that are "made in america"- but hipsters don't really care about their clothes being made in american, look at converse shoes, those certainly arn't, yet people wear em' all the time!
shoplifting from american apparel, hipsters getting arrested

There is a cycle in play.
1)At first it was that some really cool kids from soho probably walked into this store that had a couple things they liked and noticed how easy it was to steal them. Since they were poor- they did.

2)Those cool kids get there pictures in some trendy magazines, wearing these somewhat plain BUT DISTINGUISHABLE clothes

3) then the rich white kids from the suburbs see these trendy kids ask their parents for money to buy this now over-priced "staple wardrobe items!!"

thus the company stays in business... but not for long.

whoops bankrupt!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Art Shit

 bad photography, hipster art
You go to art school, so you already know. - Hipsters love art shit.
They think they're really talented at whatever, OR they sometimes pretend like their all modest, but thats the hipster attitude of "idontgiveafuck" (which is something completely different and will follow up with a post soon.) But deep down, they think they are the next fucking Dylan, Warhol, Etc.
Usually these kids are swarming more towards the music scene, you know the, play guitar all night long in the quad so everyone can hear how good i am, type.
There's also the writers/poets, (shit they don't even have to rhyme anymore, just need a thesaurus and some bright eyes lyrics)
OH and one of MY favorites , grafitti. Thanks so much for writing something completely illedgible on the side of this brick, i am truely inspired by your work.

However, more recently,(much to my dismay) there has been a huge spike in idiots who think they are good at photography. Andd good new for you aspiring hipsters who havent picked your "art" of choice yet, it has become a piece-of-cake to be "good at photography" you simply need A)The newest model of bottom-of-the-line Digital Single Reflex Camera (the 1 w/ the SuPer co0l big l3nse$ && junk!!) B) your macbook C)Picnik or some equally crappy photo editing program. TADA!!! you are an artist.

So you edit in that "Polaroid" boarder to your photo and turn up the contrast!
A job well done.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Apple Products

We all know by this point that you are probably a middle class white kid even though you pretend not to be. But you also want to be so cool that everyone around notices you and wants to be your friend- cuz your soo cool. You need something that says, look how high-tech and in-the-know i am. This my friend is where apple comes into play.

Hipster iphone

Yeah sure you can rationalize it all you want, "oh i like it because its better for running all these artsy programs i need". But you know that more than half of the appeal of the products is just the clean, white color that suggests that you paid out the ass for it.
Look at all the kids who work at apple stores. they have the thick rimmed glasses and tight pants.
so raise your iphones, macbooks, and ipads high, because lets face it- you love to show it off.

Monday, November 1, 2010


To be fair, its mustaches AND beards...but come on, this one is just TOO EASY

What is it about making out with sandpaper that hip ladies are so attracted to?
Does it look manly?-because when it comes to manly, hipsters are definitely on the bottom of the list. If you want manly, you should be checking out the southern cowboys and army men, not someone who lives in a mostly gay community that rides around on a fixed gear wearing girl-tight pants.
But anyways, If you are around the west village area in NYC than you may have stumbled across the gem that is the artwork being displayed at the chelsea market. Check it out below, or just by walking through the market hallway
Chelsea Market Beard Display

I'd also like to credit 

for making a collection of stupid mustaches exponentially more tangible.

last time i checked women with beards and mustaches looked something like this
bearded lady, hipster mustaches, hipster beard, lady hipster
but now,thanks to hipsters, a once "circus freak" can be accepted into the hippest clubs.

and now, a mustache montage.

your welcome.