Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Music You Don't know

To be truely cooler than everyone, you have to listen to the most elite pretentious music that none of your peers have ever listened to - nor enjoyed. This is one aspect of being hip that is going to take some time- or not?
It's called Filter. This lovely website,magazine, and i think they are getting a tv show on mtv?? have taken it upon themselves to be your number one stop in music ratings. For instance they just gave Kanye's new album a 10/10. Filter has RARELY if EVER given out a perfect score, so you already know without listening to the album that kanye's new album is going to be great. So you can go ahead and tell everyone you know that it is.

if you wanna know what these cool guys think is good music . go ahead to here

oh and heres some weird "good music"

OR (here's where it gets tricky) do just the opposite, be so against the grain, your against the people who are against the grain. perhaps "kanye's new album is completely overrated, i have no idea what pitchfork was thinking!"

Great job! you sound knowledgeable and cool.

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